A Much Older Woman Seduced Me At Twenty To Give Her The Baby Her Husband Couldn’t Give Her


I sort of took my first steps into the world of Natural Insemination quite by accident (or deception) when I was about twenty. I’m actually not proud of what I did since there was cheating involved.

My story:

I was in the U.S. Air Force stationed in the United Kingdom trying to pay my way through college and my boss had a habit of asking us junior enlisted guys to come to his home to do various chores. We did it so we could be on his good side and get better assignments.

Anyway, he had a Portuguese wife who was in her mid-thirties. She was a firecracker of a woman who was the true boss of her home as my own strict boss turned into jelly when he was around her. She was a rather short woman with a large nose, and a thick deep accent made worse by her smoking. She wasn’t what I would call pretty, but she had the habit of prancing around her home in blouses that showed off her rather substantial cleavage. As I was a lusty youth in the prime of his sexual life, it was very hard to keep my gaze on her eyes rather than on her breasts.

My intimate relationship with Ana didn’t start overnight as it took some time to develop. Let’s just say that over the next several weeks Ana, flirted with me unmercifully while I helped her husband fixing up his house.

Finally, her husband had to go to another base for temporary duty for a month (something that happened often) and he asked me to check in on her to help her with anything she might need doing. I guess he figured I was so young and almost virginal in my looks that he could trust me not to take advantage of his wife. Though I wasn’t a virgin, I certainly wasn’t what you would call experienced.
That first Saturday after he left I went over to her home at her request to take care of some minor repair.

Two hours later, I was in Ana’s bed having unprotected sex with her at her insistence. I had asked her about using a condom just before I entered her but she told me that she didn’t like them and that she was safe. Well that’s all I needed and a moment later, I was inside of her.

I wish I could report that I gave this Portuguese firecracker the best sex of her life, but I only lasted a minute or so before I told her that I was about to come. “So soon?” she said disappointingly.

“Should I pull out?” I asked.

“No, come inside me,” she commanded sharply.

A moment later I did as she told me and a huge rush of shame filled me from a combination of my cheating with a married woman and my lack luster performance. I was prepared for a tongue lashing for being a one-minute-wonder in bed, but to my surprise she seemed happy, even giddy.

She seemed disappointed that I lasted that short, but then she got up and went to the bathroom totally unconcerned that she was nude, and disappeared behind a wall where the toilet was. A moment later she said in a rather happy tone in her thick accent, “You really filled me up. I’m leaking a lot now.”

When she returned back to bed she told me that she wasn’t used to having that much sperm inside of her as her husband seems to have only a little to give her when they had sex. She told me that this was the first time in a long time that she had this much semen inside of her and she enjoyed the feeling. That should have been my clue that there was more to this than simply sex.

The beauty of being twenty was that your reload time to have sex again was very short. We ended up having sex three times that afternoon, something that one doesn’t appreciate until you get into middle age and find that sort of task is no longer possible. And each time she insisted that I come inside of her in the missionary position.

Over the next month, while her husband was away, we had a lot of sex. My performance improved dramatically as Ana taught me how to make love, and she gave me plenty of opportunities to practice my newly learned lovemaking skills.

When her husband came back after that first month I was both guilty and relieved as Ana was insisting that I spend most of my free time with her helping her around the house with chores before she let me literally “screw my brains out” with her before leaving. Her husband proved to be such a workaholic that I was often able to come to her home to “do my duty” with Ana pretty much every weekend (unless she was having her period).

Did I feel guilty? Not at first, but as time wore on my entire relationship with Ana began bothering me. It was hard to face my boss at work every day knowing that I was cheating on his wife. He really was a decent man that didn’t deserve this. There were a few times I thought about ending it with Ana, but then she would call me and my youthful lust would kick into high gear, and I’d go over to her home for sex.


One thing that Ana did, though I didn’t think too much of it at the time, was her insistent on meeting during certain days no matter what my schedule looked like. Though she hated my off-base house, as it was a messy little hovel of a place, and she usually refused to come over; however, there was one exception. About twice a month, usually in the middle of the week for some reason, she would find an excuse to leave her house and come over for what in essence was a quickie. What was strange about it was that it wasn’t like our normal encounters where we’d met at her home for some slow, sensuous lovemaking ending with a long cuddle in bed. Instead, on the days she came to my home what she wanted was fast and quick sex. She was in and out of my house in less than half-an-hour, sometimes even faster. I know that she never orgasmed during these encounters, nor did she seem that interested in having much foreplay beyond a bit of kissing and fondling of her breasts. Literally within five minutes of getting into bed at my home I would be on top of her thrusting away to my heart’s content. Any suggestion of slowing down would be met by a harsh, “I don’t have time for that today.”

After coming inside of her she would stay on her back for maybe ten-minutes before getting up to dress. And she would return the next day for a repeat performance. Now being twenty, I didn’t mind at all this sort of sex because realistically, this is what all young men want…quickie sex. It actually takes some quality time to learn how to make love, which she insisted on during our times together at her home on the weekends.

And so this continued like this for four months. We’d meet at her home, usually on the weekends, have some slow lovemaking, followed by two days of quick sex at my house at odd days of the week when I was least expecting it. On the fourth month together we actually met four days in a row of quickie sex. I didn’t complain though and enjoyed every moment of it.

The last time I met with Ana was at her home. We were laying together in bed enjoying the aftermath of our slow lovemaking when she told me that she was going to Portugal to visit her family for about a month. When I left, I kissed her goodbye and off I went back home. I never saw her again.

A few weeks later, Anna’s husband, my boss, came to work one morning excited and announced that his wife was pregnant with their “miracle baby.”


My boss said that he and his wife had been trying for years to have a baby and finally she was pregnant. He was so excited that he took everyone lunch that day.

I went along but I was feeling so sick I almost couldn’t eat.

Ana never called me nor do I know for sure that I’m the father. My boss applied for a transfer a few months later and returned to the United States where he was to meet his wife after the baby was born.

And that’s the last I heard of either of them.

Am I the father?

Well, looking at the below facts with detached eyes :

•Ana and her husband had been having trouble conceiving for years.

•We had unprotected sex for four months.

•During each month we met, she often insisted that she come to my house, which she normally avoided like the plague, for quick, to the point, sex at least two days in a row. And she never orgasmed during these quick encounters, something that would have been unacceptable during our time together at her home. Basically, she came to my house, we got into bed, I came inside her quickly, and she left.

•Her husband said that they had been trying to have a baby for years. That presumably meant that she wasn’t on any sort of birth control during our time together.

•Ana always insisted that I come inside of her, preferably in the missionary position. Never was I allowed to pull out and come anywhere but inside of her.

And something that I never considered until recently is the possibility that Ana’s husband, my boss, went along with the whole thing in order for Ana to get pregnant with the baby that he knew she wanted badly.  Ana was a very dominate personality, and I don’t think she would sit there and accept the fact that her husband, who dotted on her, couldn’t give her children.  If my boss truly did know I doubt it was his idea, but something that he went along with in order to give his wife the baby she wanted and to have peace in his family life.

I still feel bad though after all these years.  But would I have helped had they both sat with me and explained why they needed my help.  Today, I wouldn’t hesitate; however, at the time it wasn’t something I even knew was possible.

But the deed was done and I have to live with it.

_________________-Photo Credit:  http://www.welikeviral.com/files/2015/04/older-women-7.jpg


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