The Natural Insemination Process

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Some things a woman might want to do when researching the Natural Insemination process, and what to ask the donor:

  1. Lots of research. I would recommend such sites as or the various Facebook donor sights. I know many women who have successfully found donors using both.
  2. After you narrow your search and find a couple of donors, then you must do some research on them that includes talking to them. At first emails/chats are fine. But eventually you need to talk to them by phone or chatting through something like Skype. The key is to talk about other things beyond donating. What you are doing is making sure they are the real thing.
  3. I would recommend always meeting the donor first in a public place before the final decision is made to use them.

Once you make the final decision, then you need to get into the specifics of the donation:

-Where will it take place?

-How many donations will be required per month? (three days in a row during your peak fertile cycle is optimal).

-Can the donor do the “deed” two or three days in a row? If not, then what’s the point as you want to maximize your chances.

-When/where to get STD testing (very important step!!!!!).

-Other health tests required (optional but remember that he is going to be potentially the father of your baby).

-What sort of rules will you have for the actual donation? Will kissing and oral be allowed? How much foreplay do you want (if any). You need to be specific here, especially if you are married.

The key to a successful NI donation is to educate yourself first and know what YOU want. It’s never about the donor’s desires…you will be the one carrying the child for nine months and raising the baby without any help from him (unless you are co-parenting, which is a different subject).


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