Things I’ve Learned As A Natural Sperm Donor



I base many of my comments and observations on my own experiences in donating through intercourse over the years. The majority have been single women but a surprising amount were married women who were able to suspend their marriage vows for the sake of having a baby. Of course, there are some married women in this group that have done an NI donation and have had a totally different experience. That’s why I have this group to present such experiences and to learn.

Using just my own limited experience, I’ve found that:

• The desire to have a baby can be so overpowering that even happily married couples who would never think of cheating or taking anyone else into their beds will do so with a total stranger. And once they achieve that goal, things go back to normal.

• It’s not some sort of sex fantasy for the husband to watch his wife have sex with another man. Most of the husbands I’ve dealt with will either leave the house or at the most wait in the living room. I’ve only had one who wanted to be in the room at the time and though it was creepy for me, he told me beforehand that he wanted to feel that he was at least in the vicinity during the conception of his baby.

• Almost all the married women wanted some type of foreplay to varying degrees. One things that was universal was that there was to be no kissing on the lips or oral sex. Generally, some fondling and touching was allowed to allow the wife to prepare herself for intercourse. A side note on this: My “manhood” is fairly thick and the woman really needs to be prepared when I enter her. Unless the woman has really gotten into the foreplay and is ready for me, most experience some pain when I enter them, though I try to go very slow to minimize any discomfort. Once they are used to me it usually goes fine.

• Most wives have no issue with nudity. However, a few will sometimes wear an oversized t-shirt as a way of keeping some control over their modesty. Personally, I think that is silly since I’m already doing something extremely intimate with them by entering them with my penis and releasing my sperm inside of them. But I suppose if it makes the woman more comfortable I’m fine with it.

• I try to convince the wife to have an orgasm. Most aren’t going to have on during intercourse because of the circumstances. Generally, a woman needs to be relaxed and totally into it before she can orgasm through intercourse even in the best of times. Since the foreplay is usually limited, that means she isn’t going to be able to get there through sex alone. I often will suggest letting me bring her to an orgasm using my fingers either before or during intercourse. I firmly believe that if the woman can orgasm before sperm is released into her body it has a better chance of getting to where it needs to be.

These are just my own observations and what I’ve discovered during my time as a donor to both single and married women. I’ve had conversations with other married women that have had totally different experiences and actually enjoyed their time with the donor with the blessing of the husband. A wife that has that sort of support is very lucky as it will make things go so much smoother once she does get pregnant.

Anyway, that’s why I have this group to learn from others. I think that if others read about the experiences of others, and not just mine, and read their comments and hints of what they experienced, perhaps someone else can avoid the heartache that other have gone through in finding and using an NI donor. I know for a fact that other women in this group have used NI donors and went through hell. I want to avoid that, and the best way to do that is to learn from others.


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