Natural Insemination: The Husband Watched Quietly As Another Man Impegnated His Wife 



A few years ago, I was asked to donate to a married thirty-one-year-old woman named Lillian.  Her thirty-five-year-old husband, Tony,  proved to be infertile, which they discovered about five year’s into their seven year marriage.  Two years of trying other methods, at the end the expense became too overwhelming for the and they decided to opt for a more cheaper solution.

That’s when they contacted me and we began to discuss if I would be able to help Lillian conceive a child using Natural Insemination.   However, Tony made a request that was almost a deal breaker in that he wanted to watch Lillian and myself during the actual sexual encounter.

Now I know that some men enjoy watching their wives in bed with other men, I believe the term is a “cuckold lifestyle.”  While I don’t begrudge anyone’s sexual practices, this sort of thing absolutely doesn’t appeal to me, and I certainly didn’t want to be a part of this.  

For me, any sexual encounter is an extremely private moment.  However, I do understand that donating my semen to a married woman isn’t a normal sexual encounter either.  I’ve written before about the dynamics of why a happily married woman would go to bed with a stranger with her husband’s permission in order to get pregnant.  It’s a complicated concept to understand and accept, as it’s definitely out of the realm of normality.

When Tony saw my doubts in my face, he quickly assured me that he didn’t want to participate; rather, he wanted to just sit in the corner and watch as he felt it important to be there at the moment of conception. We discussed it in lengths.  Though I’m sure there was a sexual component to Tony’s request to watch his wife with another man, his sincerity in his voice and his assurances that he would sit in the corner and not participate in any manner made me rethink my stand on being watched.

Now if this were a romantic encounter with Lillian then there would be no way in the world I would allow anyone to watch us in our most intimate moment.  But this was a sperm donation, and I was going to be attempting to impregnate Tony’s wife.  Maybe his request to be there at the moment of conception wasn’t that strange of an idea after all.  I mean many think that what I do in donating my semen to women through sexual intercourse is just as strange, if not stranger, than a cuckold relationship.

I finally gave in  to Tony’s request as long as he agreed to just sit on the other side of the hotel room and watch.  I made it clear that if he tried to participate in any way I’d get up and leave.

After that, we began discussing the rules that he wanted in place during the insemination.  The only rule he had was that there was to be no kissing on the lips.  Other than that, he didn’t mind what happened and actually encouraged us to have a good time in bed together.  Not something I was used to hearing from a husband, as normally they are  very restrictive on what could be done and generally wanted  the actual donation over with as quickly as possible.

Lillian was fairly certain of her next ovulation date, and so we arranged to meet over a two day period at a hotel in their city.  I didn’t mind staying overnight as I enjoy traveling, even if it’s only  a short distance.

When I arrived, I sent Tony a text message telling him I was here.  He gave me the room number and a few minutes later, I was knocking on the door.  Up until then I was feeling very relaxed, but as I stood at the door waiting for it to open, I suddenly felt a wave of nervousness sweeping over me that surprised me.

Tony answered the door smiling nervously. I still felt my nervousness washing over me but I put myself in check and entered the hotel room with as much confidence I could muster up.

We didn’t get right down to business but instead talked for maybe half-an-hour about various things.  It gave me a chance to fully recover myself and rid myself of my nervousness.

Finally, Tony hinted that perhaps we should start.  He stood up, closed the drapes, and I went to the bathroom to take a quick shower.  I was glade to be alone for these few moments so I could prepare myself in peace.  When I came out, Lillian was in bed underneath the covers while Tony, true to his word, was sitting in the far corner trying to be as unobtrusive as possible.  I was wearing  gym shorts and a t-shirt as a way to be modest in my appearance as I didn’t think it would be proper to walk out either nude or even wearing only a towel.  

As the room was fairly dark from the thick curtains, I went over to the bed, got underneath the covers, and only then did I take off my shorts and shirt.  I assumed that Lillian was naked as well, which I found out to be true a few moments later when she turned onto her side and I caught a glimpse of her breasts as she adjusted the covers.

This is always the part that I felt the most vulnerable.  Were this a romantic encounter, we’d have already spent some quality  time touching, kissing, and perhaps some light petting over the clothing before we ever reached the bed.  In this case, none of that happened.  

As I’ve discovered over the many donations using sexual intercourse, every woman is different from the moment you get into bed until you mount and enter her.  Some want to start right away, while others want to talk and slowly get into physical contact. Still others (usually the single woman) want to make it like a romantic encounter with the hugging and the smooching.  

However, in this case things were really different in that we had the big elephant in the room in that her husband was sitting in the corner wide-eyed as though he was watching a movie staring Lillian and myself.  I’ve often heard that actors doing explicit love scenes often find it to be a very hard thing to do with all the various eyes watching your every moment.

In our case, we lay in bed for a few moments doing nothing.  Finally, I just decided to take the plunge, and I turned onto my side, reached for her arm,  massaged it a bit before asking here, “Are you ready?”

Lillian nodded her head, smiling nervously at me.   Remembering that kissing on the lips was the only prohibited thing to do, I scooted closer to her, put my hand onto her shoulder, and we began what I suppose would be called foreplay.

I was surprised at how easily Tony fit into the background.  True to his word, he didn’t make a sound or even move, so it was easy to forget that he was there.  Lillian was relaxed as well, though her back was turned from her husband so that she couldn’t see him staring at us.

I began rubbing and touching all over here body, and seeing her pleasant response, I decided to become bolder and began fondling her breasts with my hand.  That elicited a light moan from Lillian, which encouraged me to take her into my arms and explore her body further.  Though I’m certain I could have done it, I didn’t give Lillian oral sex as I thought that way too intimate for this sort of encounter.  Though I did suckle her breasts and other parts of her body, I left off kissing her pubic area.

Eventually, my hand found its way between Lillian’s legs, and I was very happy that she was very moist as that meant I wouldn’t have trouble entering her.  The worst thing is for a woman to be so nervous that she is dry and tight, making intercourse painful or impossible.

I was worried that this would be the case here because of Tony’s presence in the room was putting a damper on things and interfering with Lillian’s ability to relax.  I have to admit that most women probably wouldn’t be able to go through with it knowing that their husbands were watching.

As things were going well for us, one thing I wanted to do before I entered Lillian was to give her an orgasm with my fingers.  I’m a firm believer that an orgasm can help in conception.  Is it a fast and firm rule?  No, it isn’t, as many women have gotten pregnant throughout history without having an orgasm.

Whether an orgasm improved the chances of getting pregnant or not, it defiantly helped lift the mood of the woman that was about have sexual intercourse with a stranger.  Some of the wives I’ve donated to would never allow such a thing as it went against their rules of having “too much foreplay.” 

I’ve talked with some women who are actually very religious and some are willing to suspend their marriage vows in order to conceive the child they so desperately want; however, enjoying themselves during the sex act goes way too far for them.  They can accept having intercourse with another man other than their husband to get pregnant, but enjoying themselves to the point where they are having orgasm is something they simple won’t do for the sake of their marriage.

Tony and Lillian had no such rules other than kissing on the lips, which they took as being something only they were allowed to partake in.  However, nothing was said to prevent me from giving Lillian an orgasm.  Though my own personal believe that oral sex was too intimate for me to do with another man’s wife, I had no problem using my fingers to give her an orgasm, if she was willing.

I didn’t ask, but just explored the area with my fingers until I found her clitoris, and I just began rubbing.  She didn’t say anything, but from the sounds coming from  her I assumed it was feeling nice.

Three or four minutes of rubbing did the trick and Lillian had what seemed like a very intense climax, though she tried to hide her enjoyment by closing her eyes tight and trying to muffle her moan.  I peeked at Tony, who was sitting there in the corner quietly, and I recognized the signs of a man in pure animal lust mode.  My only fear was that he wasn’t going to be able to control himself and would want to come over and join us.  To my relief, he just sat there watching,  and I breathed a little bit easier.

I massaged Lillian’s belly until  Lillian recovered, and I asked her what we should do next.

“You can enter me now,” she said quietly.

As she was very wet between the legs, there was no need to use a sperm-friendly lubricant.  I did dip my fingers into her very wet entrance to collect some of the mucus so I could rub the natural lubricant onto my penis tip to make entry easier for her, as I’m a little thicker than normal and didn’t want to cause her undo pain.

As she was already on her back, I spread her legs, mounted her, maneuvered a bit to get my penis lined up with her entrance, and then planted my penis tip into her entrance.  I got into a push-up position above her and asked,  “Are you ready?”

She nodded her head, and with that I slowly began pushing inside of her.

“Stop!  Stop!” Lillian told me.

I quickly obeyed Lillian and stopped.  I thought that perhaps she’d changed her mind and wanted to stop everything.  Instead, she adjusted herself, then reached down, pulled me out and then re-positioned my penis.  Once she did that, she let go, put her arms on my back, and told me to push in slowly.  This time, I went in much easier and before I knew it I was inside of her all the way.  I let her get used to me before I started moving between her legs, slowly at first, until she told me she was fine.

And with that, Lillian and I did the “dirty deed” in front of Tony’s watching eyes.

I wasn’t able to see Tony because he was sitting behind me on my side.  But I assumed he was watching us with his full attention.

In all, I was inside of Lillian for maybe ten minutes of steady intercourse in the missionary position.    That’s actually a long time to be in one position, especially on top where the man has to use his arms to keep some of his weight off the woman so he won’t crush her.  If this were a romantic encounter, I would defiantly have prolonged things, switching positions, doing some serious kissing, and trying to get her to orgasm again.

In this case, despite the lack of rules, I really wasn’t comfortable with being stared at by Tony.  It just was too creepy for me.  During the foreplay, my mind didn’t register him much, and so I was able forget about his watching eyes.  However, while I was on top of Lillian, he’d moved his chair a bit so he could get a better view.  He was till on the far back wall, but I could see him out of the corner of my eye.  It just felt wrong for some reason.

I soon felt my orgasm beginning to approach.  As I do with all women I’m donating to, just before I came I asked Lillian if she was sure she wanted me to come inside of her.

“Yes,” she said quietly, nodding her head .

I then picked up my pace, and a minute later, I ejaculated what seemed like a large amount of semen inside of her.  It had been well over a week since my last sexual release, so I wasn’t too surprised at the  amount I was releasing inside of Lillian.

I stayed in place for about a minute to make sure that my semen didn’t leak out too quickly.  When I pulled out I had her get onto her back and keep her legs up.  Though it probably isn’t necessary to do that as woman have been getting pregnant for a long time using many different positions, like the orgasm beforehand, it certainly didn’t  hurt.

And with that I was done.  I quickly got dressed, told them both goodbye, and left.

We met again the next day for a repeat performance. Tony watched with eyes glued on us during both our foreplay and when I entered her. Lillian was far more relaxed this time, and seemed to relish in our foreplay.  I gave her another orgasm using my fingers just before I entered her as before.

I still couldn’t get used to Tony staring at us and I was hoping very much that Lillian would get pregnant this time around so I wouldn’t have to do this again because it was just too freaky for me.

When I was done, I stayed in bed with Lillian while she kept her legs high int he air.  Normally, I enjoy this time with the woman when we can relax and make some small talk.  But in this case I just couldn’t bring myself to relax enough to have small talk with Tony nd Lillian.  I mean it’s sort of hard to talk to a man whose wife you’ve just had sex with.  But I did stay for a bit just to be polite before I finally got up, dressed, and left.

When I got home, I was seriously thinking of not helping the next month if Tony insisted on watching again.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about this as Lillian got pregnant after our two encounters, and later she delivered a healthy daughter.

I was so happy because I really didn’t want to have that conversation with Tony.  What could I say?  “Tony, I’d like to have sex with your wife, but I want to do it without you watching us?”  That’s probably what I would have had to say.  Thankfully, it wasn’t necessary.





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