Natural Insemination: Donating Only To Women Who Are Financially Secure To Avoid Child Support

I read an article about a New York college professor who has been donating his sperm to just about any woman who asks him. Over the last twelve years he has fathered twenty-two children with eighteen different women. The inseminations generally take place in public places like public bathrooms in large department stores, coffee houses, or anywhere convenient with a reasonable amount of privacy.
The article states that:
“Once a location is chosen, the professor will go into the bathroom, pleasure himself while watching porn on his iPhone and ejaculate into an Softcup menstrual cup. He then delivers the specimen to the woman, who goes into the ladies’ restroom and inserts it into her cervix.”
The problem is that the professor didn’t ask questions on whether or not the woman asking for his sperm could even take care of the child without his support. As a result, out of the eighteen women he’s impregnated, five have sued him successfully and over half of his salary now goes to child support.  It’s a bummer for his wife, who has to live with a husband with a reduced salary for the next eighteen years as he supports those five women and his children that he will never see.
As altruistic as this professor was in donating his semen to anyone that asks, he exposed himself to a huge financial debt for many years to come with no benefit to himself. He ended up donating to women who obviously weren’t ready for children.  I understand that a father needs to pay for his children, but it’s somewhat unfair to be a sperm donor helping a woman achieve her dream to be suddenly  told that he must support the child until he or she turns eighteen.
That is the reason why I chose to donate only to women that were both financially and emotionally secure. The women had to either have a good career or in a stable marriage with good financial prospects. A woman making a living at a fast food restaurant wouldn’t make the cute with me because I couldn’t trust her to ask for child support in the future. And I’ve had that happen many times where someone who probably had no business having children at this moment of their lives wanting me to get them pregnant.  In those cases I politely decline.  Unfortunately, there are many other donors that wouldn’t hesitate to get women like that pregnant.  Well, I hope they don’t mind paying child support for the next eighteen years.
With my standards, that means that the women I end up donating my semen to are generally in their mid-thirties to early forties.   I’ve also found that women this age truly desired children more so than their younger counterparts because they understand that they are very close to the end of their fertility days and know that it was now or never.
Furthermore, many of these women in this group either had waited too long or had been experiencing fertility issues with their husbands, and by the time I was contacted, they were truly getting desperate.  I could often see it in their eyes as we talked during our initial meetings how much they desired to have a child.  Therefore, I began finding more joy in the birth of a baby  rather than the actual conception through sexual intercourse.
That’s something that many might find strange reading this, as most would assume that it’s the sex that I crave rather than being involved in the creation of a new life for a woman that has a burning desire to be a mother.
It’s because of my rules about donating to women in a stable financial situation (whether married or single) that  I’ve never been sued for child support,  unlike the professor in the article who gave his semen freely to anyone that asked.…something that is costing he and his family dearly now in multiple child support payments.

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