Natural Insemination: A Little Education Goes A Long, Long Way

I am often amazed at just how many women really don’t understand their menstrual cycle. I often answer questions from women asking me some very basic things dealing with ovulation. Even women who have been trying for awhile with other donors don’t seem to fully understand the process and often look at my own success as amazing.
And yet, my success is just understanding when to do the deed based on a whole host of information such as the length of their cycle (apps are good at collecting this information), body temperature, amount of mucus between the legs, and ovulation testers, etc.
All I do is collect that information and it’s quite easy to determine the ovulation day Then I usually will meet the day before ovulation, on ovulation day (twice if possible) and the day after (in the morning). As long as there aren’t any health issues and if they aren’t over  forty, I have a pretty good success rate.
With anyone over forty or with health issues, it’s pretty much the same except that it just might take longer. The key here is to just make sure you do the deed every month at the proper time and it usually will work.
The oldest woman I got pregnant was forty-four-years old. She actually got pregnant four times total but had three miscarriages until the final one took. And with her it was just me meeting with her for three days in a row every month until she got pregnant. But in this case she lived in my city, so travel wasn’t an issue.
What I’m saying is that the key is to understand a woman’s ovulation cycle and get the sperm on target on the right day. Remember, ovulation itself is only a twelve to twenty-four hour time period. For something that short, it’s amazing how many women get pregnant unintentionally.
So, what do I suggest for a woman trying to get pregnant using Natural Insemination?  Well, you need to:
  • Learn about your body and your menstrual cycle.  A computer app is a wonderful tool to keep track of this information as it will show you how long your period actual is and how long apart they are at a single glance.
  • Educate yourself on how your body indicates that it is ovulating or nearing ovulation.  Many women will secret alot more mucus than normal during ovulation.  Body temperature may vary as well.  Learn to understand what your body is telling you.
  • Though ovulation is only a twelve to twenty-four hour time period, the problem is that most may not be able to accurately predict this very short time frame where conception is possible.  Therefore, if at all possible, have your donor inseminate you the evening of the day before your predicated ovulation, then twice on ovulation day, and again the next morning.  That is what I do and it has worked very well for the women I’ve donated to (twenty-five total full term pregnancies).
  • Age and your general health is certainly a huge factor in getting pregnant.  For a twenty-year-old, getting pregnant is going to be much easier than if you are over thirty-five.  It’s just the facts of fertility.  Generally, there is an overall 20% chance of getting pregnant each cycle without medical help  , with the odds going down each year past thirty-five.
  • If you aren’t getting pregnant after several months, then by all means get a medical check up by a fertility specialist.

Again, the key is to educate yourself and find a reliable donor who will be there for you when you need him.



One thought on “Natural Insemination: A Little Education Goes A Long, Long Way

  1. outofboxhelp

    Thanks for sharing. I plan on writing something that pertains to this very subject for both sexes. He is absolutely correct! I used to also be uneducated and completely misguided like most human beings are. It wasn’t until my extensive research into infertility that I realized that most people don’t have a clue. It’s the way humans in today’s society are brought up. The male human penis and the female vagina are shaped and designed with a very specific function. Discovering their intentional design by reading scientifically proven literature will definitely make you rethink your entire understanding of human nature pertaining to procreation.


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