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My name is John, and I have donated my sperm to a lot of women desperately seeking to have a baby.  However, I don’t donate in the traditional way at a sperm bank where my sperm is then sold to a woman who takes my semen to a doctor’s office for artificial insemination.  Instead, I donate my sperm through sexual intercourse.

The idea of using natural sperm donation, more commonly known as Natural Insemination (NI) can be unnerving to some because of what it entails.  The traditional world of sperm donation generally means going to a doctor’s office and being artificially inseminated by sperm from a sperm bank.  It provides a way for a woman to have a child of her own when there are issues either with her male partner, who might be infertile, or is single and doesn’t wish to involve a man in the raising of her child.

Regarding these recent posts about whether natural or artificial sperm donations works better…

Both work fine and at the end it’s totally up to the woman. Yes, using Artificial Insemination takes a bit of research on how to do it correctly and some are better at it than others are, while Natural Insemination  is nearly foolproof. But at the end the woman chooses what she wants and as far as I’m concerned that’ the end of the discussion.

The reasons why a man donates using either method is very personal and different for each donor. I generally help older women or couples with fertility issues because I love the feeling of helping someone achieve their dream of having a child. Am I selfish that I only use sexual intercourse to donate my sperm rather than masturbating into a cup and handing it to the woman so she can inseminate herself? Probably, but I don’t pretend to offer AI so I can get my foot in the door and then when she is ovulating and ready to go I suddenly blackmail her by refusing to give my sperm unless it’s through sex. Only an awful human being would do that.

I offer my semen through intercourse openly and without apology. If a woman comes to me to try and convince me to masturbate into a cup I politely decline and try to find her a donor that will help her.  I would never attempt to try and get her to change her mind and use Natural Insemination, as that would be unethical.  However, is a woman has questions about using a certain donation method, I will try to answer her as honestly as I can.  There are some women that I recommend using Artificial Insemination,  as they aren’t good candidates for receiving a donation through intercourse.

But strangely enough, I get many requests and inquiries about donating my sperm through intercourse as the first and only method. And I suspect that many Natural Insemination donors are approached by woman seeking this sort of insemination method rather than the donor going to them. If I’m wrong about other donors then please tell me. But in my experience it’s the women who are seeing Natural Insemination donations and not the other way around for the most part.

If you are a woman reading this and are horrified at the thought of having sex with a total stranger to get pregnant, then by all means don’t do it. In fact, if you came to me for advice and I thought that you couldn’t handle such an encounter, I’d be the first one to tell you to seek an Artificial Insemination donor.

We can argue all day which is more effective: Artificial Insemination or Natural Insemination. The truth is that both work and both are being used by woman of all walks of life. It just depends on the woman’s preference.

What actually shocked me when I first started donating using Natural Insemination was how many happily married couples prefer to use this method over artificial means. True, the vast majority will use Artificial Insemination, but there is a significant number of couples that prefer using sexual intercourse to get the wife pregnant.

It’s hard to pin these couples down for a single answer on why they prefer using Natural Insemination. Some  think it’s more effective and want to assure a successful outcome.   Others are just tired of the fertility game that has often taken years from their lives and just want the fastest, quickest method available.  While some women, married to older men no longer interested in frequent lovemaking, may want to have sex with someone new for a change, and this is their only opportunity to do so with the consent of their husbands.

But no matter the reason, the heart of the matter is the deep desire to have a baby no matter how it’s done.

As long as the couple are in a stable relationship, have a good income, and the husband doesn’t mind me taking the wife to bed, then I have no issues with doing this for them.

The world of sperm donation is a varied one with no single method of making everyone happy. My suggestion for the woman seeking sperm donations is to research the subject and go for what she wants and don’t stop until you succeed.

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